Koh Chuang, Samae San Dive site

Koh Chuang Samae San Dive site

Koh Chuang small islands off the coast of Samaesan. Koh Chuang is a good coral dive sites with prolific hard and soft corals and several rocky outcrops. There is a lot of smaller fish life here such as yellowtail jacks and fusiliers at Koh Chuang. This spots make a nice change after diving the wrecks like Petchaburi Bremen and Hardeep.

The hard coral life is very good with abundant small fish as well as the occasional turtle and cuttlefish ay Koh Chuang. The maximum depth of this dive site is 12 meters and although the dive site is quite small it has some very interesting invertebrate life.

Location: Samae San
Depth: Average 5m -12m
Visibility: 5-15m
Best Time: December- March
Time of Transport: 90 minutes by Boat
Water Current: Occasional