HTMS Mataphon is a Mark VI Landing Craft Tank and is situated 45mins from Pattaya Beach outside the island bay of Hard Nuan, south of Koh Larn island. The deepest point of this wreck dive is approx 23m, 18-19m on upper and lower decks and the tip of the conning tower at approx 12m. Due to the depth, to dive this vessel you need to be reasonably experienced from openwater certified upwards alternatively you can make it an Adventure Dive with an instructor.

HTMS Mataphon were well prepped by the Thai Navy for making this wreck diving, Its like the rest so that you have no concerns for hazards, The gunning mounts of HTMS Mataphon were left in place although the arms themselves were removed.This is a ideal wreck dive for people wanting a little more bottom time on the wreck without using EANx.

Dive Specs Recommended

  • This Wreck Site Access – Ascent/descent Lines not currently connected
  • The Max Depth – 23m
  • The Wreck Site Length – 36m
  • Safety Stop Procedures Mandatory 3min stop at 5m required
  • Common Aquatic Life Sting Rays, Bat Fish, Nudibranch, Grouper