North Rock – Pattaya Dive Site

The steadily sloping reef which are falls more dramatically as it heads south. Also it was consists of fallen rocks covered with a few foliaceous corals. However, it does improve as it steepens towards the south western headland, and a higher percentage of corals slowly begin to dominate the rocks to a depth of 12m (40ft) arounded , and this is where you find sea whips and black coral bushes. The diversity of marine life around the reef is above average for the area, with many examples of Harlequin Sweet lips, snappers squirrel fish and lion fish. Communities of Magnificent Anemones, Three-spot Dascyllus, basslets and the chromis are restricted to the rocky ledges. Neptune Barrel Sponges lodge among the crevices or are inhabited by moray eels and a range of invertebrates. The shallow bay is absolutely perfect for snorkel , many coral mounds that are heavily pitted by bivalves and plume worms, with, between the mounds, Black Sea Urchins and small cowries shells.

Dive site: Pattaya Far Islands Dive Site Name: Koh Rin
The Location: The large islet at the bottom of the Far Island chain
Its Conditions: The Time between November and March this site has very favourable conditions, when a year-round Visibility of 5m (16ft) increases to 15m (50ft)
Average depth: 7m (23ft)
Maximum depth: 18m (60ft)