At Koh Sak,There are a couple of dive sites around Koh Sak which are good for beginner to more experienced Scuba Diver, which are depend on current flow. The west side of Dive area of Koh Krok is predominantly hard coral from the surface to the sandy bottom. The Moray eels can be seen and found on close inspection, as it hiding in crevaces in the rockface. The southern of Koh Sak is the end of the island and it spared the current but marine life is also in less abundant also the north area offers a sandy expanse ideal for training.

The east and west headlands do offer some interesting shallow reef and under water atificial reef project, as little as 3m (10 ft) in the centre of the bay at low tide. Due to the fact that the dive area is protected from the weather most of the year it some times has some of the best visibility. Divers will often see turtles, marine life is plentiful and varied.

Koh Sak, PATTAYA NEAR ISLAND DIVE SITES is best dive site on Koh Sak (Horseshoe Island) is the eastern side facing Pattaya city. There are a number of concrete cubes at exactly depth of 10m. Keep following them on a due south heading you can hop from cube to cube in a drift dive. So,Turtles and stingray abound, also take lookout for giant pufferfish here too, you will like it.

Location: Koh Sak is located top of Koh Lan
Depth: Average 2- 15m
Visibility: 2-12m
Best Time: December- March
Time of Transport: 45 minutes by Boat