Koh Rin

Koh Rin (เกาะริ้น)

Koh Rin Is One of The Best Pattaya Dive Spots In The Pattaya Far Islands Chain.

The Island of Koh Rin takes approx 50min to travel to on Pattaya Dive Center’s Boat Lady Go Diver II. Setting off early on her can see you submerge onto the coral reef long before the other dive boats reach the dive site after their 1.5 to 2hr journey.

Pattaya Far Islands Dive Site Name: Koh Rin
Location: The large islet at the bottom of the Far Island chain
Conditions: between November and March this site has very favorable conditions, when a year-round Visibility of 5m (16ft) increases to 15m (50ft)
Average depth: 7m (23ft)
Maximum depth: 18m (60ft)