Koh Larn, Pattaya Diving Site

Koh Larn, Pattaya Diving Site

Koh Larn is one the biggest island at Pattaya Bay, Thailand. The Dive Sites of Koh Lan are beautiful with Corals Reef both hard and solf and abundant of marine life and corals
which are in very good condition. Koh Lan Diving sites are devide into three Dive Sites.

They are Koh Lan Vac, Shark Point, Laem Thong. These Dive sites are famous at Pattaya city.

Koh Larn Vac is one of an excellent training site for new scuba divers with its abundant corals which are in quite good condition. The marine life is very varied and it’s not unusual to see Cuttlefish and Turtles on this dive site. The maximum depth of  Koh Lan Vac is 12 meters although most of the nice and better corals are in depth of 9 to 10 meters.

Location: Koh Larn Dive site
Depth: Average 9m – Maximum 12 m

Shark Point dive site, It’s the name suggest that it is a good dive site of Pattaya to see juvenile Tawny Nurse and Bamboo sharks, and these creatures are nocturnal Divers surely l need to be looking under corals and rocks to spot them well. The maximum depth at Shark Point diving site is 22 meters for soft corals although you also can go deeper and explore across the sands at Shark Point, Pattaya Diving site.

Location: Koh Lan Dive site
Depth: Average Maximum Deep is 22m

Laem Thong in Thai language mean Golden Bay. Laem Thong is on the western side of
Koh Lan. There is a very deep drop-off to over 50 meters although the coral line extends down to around 25 meters. Laem Thong also has some very nice hard corals in at around 7 to 10 meters so it is a multi-purpose dive site for Scuba Divers, and that can served to all needs.  Especially good for Advanced training course and the deep dive .

LocationKoh Lan Pattaya Dive Site
Depth: Average 7m – Maximum 10m