Hardeep Wreck Pattaya Dive Site

Hardeep Wreck Pattaya Dive Site

The ‘Hardeep’ shipwreck (An Anglicization of Suthathip, or S.S. Suddhadib)The Hardeep boat was sunk by Allied bombers in the latter part of World War 2. It was an Indonesian cargo-ship which had been commandeered by the Japanese army to run supplies to Thailand where they were building the railway linking the country to Burma.

The Hardeep shipwreck, Samesan, is about 64-metres long and it lies on her starboard side, about a few hundred metres from the coral island Koh Chuang, where the skipper made a vain effort to beach her.

The hull is still intact however after sinking in the early 1940’s time has taken its toll and the structure has become unstable. Penetration to the engine room is possible but only recommended for experienced divers, Divers can still see fire bricks near the huge boilers. Natural light penetrates most areas of this wreck but it would still be a good idea to take your own torch to seek out those marine critters hiding in the structure. A short swim out from the funnel line will reward Divers with two unexploded thousand pound bombs on the sandy bottom. Water Currents can be strong here but are a lot more bearable when you’ve descended onto the wreck.

Location: Off th e south headland of Koh Samae San.
Depth: Average 28m -32m
Visibility: 4-12m
Best Time: December- March
Time of Transport: 90 minutes by Boat
Water Current: Can be Strong

Special Note: This wreck is believed to be an Indonesian Freighter requisitioned by the
Japanese during the World War 2 and sunk by Allied bombing in 1942.