Wreck Dive Sites


HTMS Mataphon is a Mark VI Landing Craft Tank and is situated 45mins from Pattaya Beach outside the island bay of Hard Nuan, south of Koh Larn island. The deepest point of this wreck dive is approx 23m, 18-19m on upper and lower decks and the tip of the conning tower at approx 12m. Due to the depth, […]

HTMS Kut Pattaya Wreck Dive site

HTMS Kut Pattaya Scuba Dive site HTMS Kut formly named “USS EXNO” (LSM 333) Constructed at Pullman Works , Chicago, United State of America. The royal Thai Navy and Pattaya city setting up new Wreck Dive Site. HTMS Kut was Sank down bottom of the sea on 17 September 2006. The Thai navy has sunk a […]

Hardeep Wreck Pattaya Dive Site

Hardeep Wreck Pattaya Dive Site The ‘Hardeep’ shipwreck (An Anglicization of Suthathip, or S.S. Suddhadib)The Hardeep boat was sunk by Allied bombers in the latter part of World War 2. It was an Indonesian cargo-ship which had been commandeered by the Japanese army to run supplies to Thailand where they were building the railway linking […]